Beaver Bricks

Recycled second hand bricks

Beaver Bricks
Recycled second hand bricks
199 Liverpool rd.
Kilsyth 3137
mel 51 H 10

Phone: 97288344

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Brooklyn Depot
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About us

About us

The Stone family run Beaver Bricks with a philosophy of family values meaning we treat you as one of our own ensuring the products we supply are always of a quality we would use for ourselves.

At Beaver Bricks we strive to recycle our bricks in a way that ensures you the customer gets the highest quality product available on the market.

To achieve this we collect our bricks individually from demolition sites as the buildings are being taken down. This minimises damage to bricks as they are being retrieved.

Once back at our yard bricks are kept in their job lots to ensure uniformity of supply.

Bricks are selected specifically for your requirements by our experienced family staff or by David McInnes, our yardman who has been with our firm for over 20 years.

Many companies have manufactured bricks in Victoria for over one hundred years creating a large variety of brick types and colours reflecting different building styles and fashions throughout these years.

The most common brick type is the solid red brick. These are the 'blue jeans' of bricks and always look great in paving or walls.

If your house was built more than 10 years ago then Beaver Bricks is a great place to look for bricks that were manufactured at the same time and can be matched to the existing brickwork.

We offer a no obligation free matching service where we come to your site and ascertain the exact type of brick you require and source this from our stocks.

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